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Fresh fall colour combinations to soften the season

Scott Gabriel Morris / TNS

Using gray along with fall colours like yellow and incorporating brass can add freshness to your decor.

When you think of fall colours, brown, orange, and yellow surely come to mind. But what are the best ways to use and pair these colours?

These days, colour combinations for fall can be fresh, creative and modern. Some fall colours you may not expect? Charcoal gray and green top the list.

Curious about some fresh colour fall combinations? Here are some top tips.

1. Consider green. Green is fresh and fun for fall and can be paired with many other colours such as chocolate brown, charcoal gray and black.

2. Look for different tints, tones and shades of the same colour. This is perfect for monochromatic colour schemes.

3. Look for colours that have yellow or orange undertones such as turquoise.

4. Use warm colours such as cream or mushroom. These colours pair well with deep foundation colours such as black and brown.

5. Incorporate traditional fall colours such as yellow in unexpected ways. Mustard yellow and chartreuse provide a creative, modern spin on use of yellow in a space.

6. Use brass finishes as a way to bring yellow and yellow tones into a space.

7. Bring orange into spaces where you want to add a bright, friendly warm colour. Orange can be toned down if needed by using foundation colours such as cream, black or brown.

8. Consider using indigo as a substitute for black if you’re looking for a subtler dark, foundation colour.

9. Consider pairing complementary fall colours together such as yellow with orange.

10. Use gray as a pairing with brighter fall colours for a more modern feel.



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