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With the whirl of activity that September brings, there is no doubt that you may find yourself needing to eat on the go this month! University and college courses start back up this month, many are settling into new dorms or homes, and the need to fall back into routine after a lazy summer can often be a difficult and abrupt transition. Balancing commitments, commutes and changes means it can be difficult to ensure you are eating full meals without compromising taste and quality. Don’t fall into the trap of missing meals or visiting the driveway for un-inspired burgers and fries. Here’s my quick and handy guide to meal inspiration for the busy Winnipegger!

Banh Mi King – Looking for quality and amazing prices? Banh Mi King is a top choice! Not only is their menu vast and filled with a variety of protein options and all the vegetables, but it is convenient! University of Winnipeg students know how amazing of a deal their Banh Mi Subs are – well under $10 (even after the tip) for a hearty sub packed with your choice of protein, slaw, cilantro, house-made mayo and pickled daikon. Their baguette is near perfection with a slightly crusty outside and pillowy soft inside that doesn’t get soggy. Order the charbroiled pork for the best bang for your buck. Eat-in, takeout and delivery available.

Cho Ichi Ramen – Located on Pembina, this ramen joint needs to be at the top of your list as the weather cools-down! Their servings are generous and most importantly, delicious. I am a huge fan of their Miso base broth with bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and black garlic but you cannot go wrong with their original broth called Cho Ichi Original, available in a chicken, pork or vegetarian based. If you are looking for a dish that has a kick, try their spicy garlic broth. This ramen packs a punch yet stills delivers the complex and deep flavours that Cho Ichi is known for. Don’t have time to drive? Cho Ichi delivers surprisingly well from Door Dash as they pack the broth separate from the house-made noodles, veggies and protein.

A Little Pizza Heaven – Turns-out you don’t have to be a couple drinks in to enjoy this Winnipeg hot spot. If the last time you visited Little Pizza Heaven is after a late night at the Toad, I encourage you to revisit them at any of their three locations. Known for their garlic bread-like crust, A Little Pizza Heaven is the perfect spot to stop in quickly and pick up an entire pie or their famous 2 slices and can of pop for under just under $8. Their St. James location has an expanded menu and offers other pub favourites like nachos and quesadillas. Just remember their pricing varies for delivery vs eat-in or pick-up — so plan accordingly!

Easy at Home Cooking – If you are always on the go eating-out can sometimes seem like another chore or big decision. However even the most simple at-home meals can reduce the stress. Don’t feel the pressure that every meal made at home as to be Instagram worthy – that’s not real life. Allow yourself to take it easy and scramble-up eggs with cheese serve with garden-fresh tomatoes on the side for dinner. Simmer of a pot of Canadian green lentils with beef broth, onions, carrots and Italian seasoning for a hearty, warm and budget friendly meal. Or, choose to indulge in the late summer harvest and stir-fry garden zucchini, peppers and onions with your favourite cooked protein. Simply add a few dashes of soy sauce, a bit of grated ginger and crushed garlic for a light and fresh dinner that is perfect over freshly cooked rice or vermicelli noodles!

Amanda Bibeau is a Winnipeg-based food blogger who is passionate about affordable food for all and ‘food without judgment.’ Amanda enjoys hiking, exploring Winnipeg's craft beer scene and working her 9 to 5 as a sr. recruiter with RBC.


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