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Halloween perfect time for ghost tales

Spooky stories add a scare to haunting season

Chris Lee / St. Louis Post-Dispatch files

As Halloween arrives, you just never know where ghosts and ghouls might be lurking. But be aware: they are there... somewhere.

Are you having company for Halloween? Disembodied spirits of the deceased, perhaps?

Fact is, they may "un-live" with you year round in that cosy residence of yours, with you totally unaware.

I have a very close friend, a White Witch according to her culture... who sees any spirits present wherever she may be, including those in friends’ homes. If she thinks they can handle it, she tells them. If not, mum’s the word.

I have other friends who have had very close encounters with the spirit world, and I asked if they might share a few experiences with us in tribute to the spooky week ahead. Boy, did they.

For this occasion, only I’m using their ghostwriter names so people don’t walk up and call them nuts.

Up first, excerpts from the Black Rose, a well-known Winnipeg businesswoman: "We moved into an old house that had been in the family for some time. My in-laws had lived there, where my mother-in-law had seen a spirit and witnessed poltergeist activity many times, but no-one told me. My introduction happened one night when my daughter was sick and sleepless due to asthma. I would hold her and rock her, then lay her back down and wind up her mobile, which ran about five minutes before needing to be re-wound. I last wound it at around 4 a.m., went to bed, and the mobile played non-stop till we woke up around three hours later. Impossible, but it happened. Guess the ghost, who was believed to be the spirit of an aunt who had passed many years before, felt sorry for us."

But wait, there’s more.

"Another time, a friend stayed over, slept on the couch, waking in the night to see a figure hovering over him, a shape with a cowl over the head, no face, misty cloak-like body, no legs or feet, not distinct but very threatening. He told it to leave him alone and went back to sleep. A couple of weeks later, the same thing happened. But this time he got ticked, angrily told it to bleep off. It obeyed. He last saw it hovering down by the river, then it disappeared never to be seen again."

Our second tale comes from Dark Angel, another well-known and respected woman here in the ’Peg. This one, sadly, stemming from a family tragedy. Her aunt, living a few provinces away from Manitoba, was murdered. Dark Angel was 13 at the time.

"A few days later, I am lying in bed, my body completely freezes and I go catatonic. I can’t move or speak as this white hazy apparition floats above me. It telepathically tells me to be good to my mother and not give her trouble. Then it floats out the window. I didn’t feel scared, the warmth returned to my body, then I fell asleep."

Her aunt’s spirit was very active in their home after that, "Our house was haunted for years, and we just learned to live with it." Eventually, they got a priest to help move "auntie" along.

Next, from the Thespian: "Christmas Eve, around 40 years ago, a figure appears at the foot of the bed. Both my wife and I saw it. Ten minutes later, a stranger knocked at the door, stared, turned, and left."


Last one for today, courtesy of the Builder: (happened this summer): "I moved into my rented suite on Wellington Crescent. It was empty for three years. Before that, it had the same tenant for 50 years. On my first night, I was awakened by a presence. We talked things out (I believe)."

So many more stories I could have shared, but sorry, out of room. Got ghosts and want them gone? Check out smudging, or play The Bird Dance song in your home real loud non-stop for a month. Clear house guaranteed. Happy Halloween.

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