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Homemade eyeglass cleaner will have you seeing clearly

Question: I have been a fan of your column for years, and I wonder if you have a recipe that I could use to replace the expensive potions that eyeglass stores sell to clean the lenses of eyeglasses sold in the offices of optometrists etc. If you have a recipe for such a useful concoction, I would be grateful if you published it in your weekly weekend page in the Free Press. Warren

Answer: Here is a wonderful eyeglass cleaner recommended to me by an optician: Fill a spray bottle three quarter full of rubbing alcohol and one quarter with water. Add a few drops of dish soap. Shake to mix. Spray lenses and gently wipe with a soft cloth (not paper towels, toilet paper or tissues these will scratch your lenses).

Question: Do you have a recipe for homemade wipes? I want to store them in my car during the summer. Thank you, Renita

Answer: Cut one roll of paper towels in half to create useable squares. Place cut paper towels into a plastic container. In a bowl, combine half cup olive oil, 3 cups water and half cup baby shampoo. Pour over paper towels and close with a tightly fitting lid. Store in car, shake before using.

Question: How can I remove grass stains from the knees of pants? Thank you. Lucinda

Answer: Soak the area with white vinegar and Dawn dish soap for ten minutes. Next scrub the stain with liquid heavy duty detergent. Wash as usual. Repeat until the stain is gone.

Feedback from smart contributor!

Re: Apple Butter

I had several leftover apples this year and decided to make Apple Butter for my toast. It turned out so well that I really must share the recipe. Make it in a slow cooker and the entire house smells amazing! Peel, core and chop five and a half pounds of apples. Place the apples in your slow cooker. Into a separate bowl combine: four cups white sugar, 2 tsp. ground cinnamon, half tsp. ground cloves and half tsp. salt. Mix contents with apples. Cook on HIGH for one hour. Reduce heat to LOW and cook for 10 hours or until mixture is dark brown and thick (stir occasionally). Uncover and cook for one more hour. Pour into sterile jars and store in fridge or freezer. Yolanda

Household solutions

Potatoes remove food stains from fingers. Slice a potato and use the exposed side to rub your stained skin. Wash as usual. Edna

Real vanilla (not imitation) is great for keeping ticks and mosquitoes away. Wipe vanilla onto skin and let dry. Mosquitoes will not bother you as much and your skin will smell sweet. You can also repel ticks with essential oils such as: lemon, orange, cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, rose and geranium. Betty

To increase the shine of your silver, soak it in the water in which the potatoes were boiled. Let stand for one hour. Rinse. C.C.

Liven up a smoothie by adding one of the following: coconut milk, green tea, or almond milk. When making smoothies, always use frozen fruit. Kameryn

White shoe polish will not smear if hairspray is applied to the shoe after it has dried. Darren (Reena’s note: White shoe polish will have an even appearance if shoes are wiped with rubbing alcohol before polishing.)

Note: Every user assumes all risks of injury or damage resulting from the implementation of any suggestions in this column. Test all products on an inconspicuous area first.

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