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The crew from the Home Workshop helped design and build this stunning sunroom in a rural Manitoba home.

When your dear little house on the prairie begins to feel a tad too tiny, what to do?

When that very thing happened to a Manitoba couple, they got in touch with designer and renovator extraordinaire Priscilla Giesbrecht of the Home Workshop in Mitchell about adding on a sunroom.

As this was an older, smaller home with little rooms, one of their main requirements was that the new space be big enough to handle a good sized family gathering comfortably.

Over a period of about 10 weeks, between the Home Workshop construction crew and skilled friends volunteering their time, the new great escape was completed, and ready for family fun.

The final result was simply stunning. Lots of big windows overlooking the yard, the gorgeous dark wood ceiling and a fabulous massive wood burning fireplace to warm cold winter toes.

The design also included shiplap walls, a small bar, a table to entertain family and friends around, or just sit at while enjoying the morning sun, sipping coffee, and reading the paper of course.

Also, some very comfortable seating to sink into while watching the Bombers win the Grey Cup on that big screen TV.

Above the fireplace, on a rustic wood mantle, the world’s largest wall clock reminds you it’s always time to just sit back, relax, and maybe even take a nap.

The tile floor, created to handle just about anything, is heated. Talk about a treat for the feet.

Giesbrecht says the wonderful new sunroom is now where her clients spend most of their time. The rest of the house gets much less use than before.

I can relate. The same thing happened here at The Mustardosa. A new 12 x 24 foot sunroom became the only place to be. Lots of windows, great view and brand new. Completely changed the feel of the home.

It’s still my favourite place to be. Well in winter, anyway. Beautiful in summer too though, with all nine windows open and soft summer breezes scampering on through.

Giesbrecht tells me the Home Workshop is getting more and more requests for sunroom additions each year. Not only are people still winging away to warm destinations, but increasingly they want an escape from the winter doldrums available at home as well. Cabin fever is a lot easier to take if you have a big sunny room to chill in.

Need help? Check in with Giesbrecht at

Sometimes even the smallest change can make a very worthwhile and positive difference.

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