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Magic carpet

Old floor coverings perfect for repurposing

Laurie Mustard / Winnipeg Free Press

Mustard plans to remove the carpet from three bedrooms in his home and replace it with vinyl plank flooring.

Waste drives me crazy!The catalyst for this declaration is because I’m thinking of replacing the carpet in three bedrooms.

I have a plan for the old carpet. I have a big shed in my backyard, 42’ x 60’, with a crushed limestone floor that doesn’t give off much dust.

My neighbour has the identical shed, but he adds another layer into the mix. He has old carpet that would normally go to the dump laid on top of the gravel, bringing that wonderful broadloom luxury feel to his "man shed." I now do that as well.

It’s very comfortable to lie on when working on an old car or whatever.

Back to the waste part. I also have some old carpet still rolled up in the shed that came out of a beautiful house being renovated that had very little use during its life there, and is actually way too good to go on a shed floor.

Where it should be going is to a carpetless home, where money is scarce, to a child’s bedroom perhaps, or a cold bare living room floor, with takeout underlay, to give those kids, that family, a level of comfort and style that they otherwise simply could just not afford. For free!

I’ve been rescuing old pianos, now I want to rescue carpet. There’s definitely something wrong with me.

This throwaway lifestyle of ours, world wide, is a huge waste of otherwise very reusable materials, some to be repurposed, others, as with this carpet I have, as originally intended.

We need to reorganize this whole recycling thing a lot better. Normally, this carpet I rescued would have been cut into strips for easy removal, but as I knew it was coming out, I asked that it be left as intact as possible. Oh what a crime it would have been for this barely used expensive carpet to go rot in the dump!

Anyway, back to my three bedrooms. Yes, I would use the as new old carpet if I trusted where it came from, and it wasn’t something like purple or lime green shag.

I really do detest waste.

Yes, I would have the carpet professionally cleaned post install if that makes the germophobes out there feel any more comfortable. Then I’d enjoy them, for years to come.

As for the non-carpet option, I’m leaning towards either loose lay vinyl sheet flooring, or loose lay vinyl plank flooring.

I’ve used the sheet flooring twice now, it has been excellent, wears really well, and is so easy to install, as is the plank variety. You can do it yourself, because all you do is cut it to fit, lay it on the floor, and done.

Google, of course, can show you and confirm all of my outrageous claims, but I am a major fan of lay flat flooring and urge you to investigate the endless varieties available.

Not having to fasten or glue either the sheet or plank type down, you have the added bonus of being able to remove it any time you like and use it elsewhere should you so desire. It’s just really great stuff.

And because both are not hard like wood or regular laminate flooring, they are more comfy to walk on, too.

Not as comfy, however, as nice squishy carpet on those cold winter nights. So, carpet it shall be.

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