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Mustard continuing to donate his ORGANS

St. Vital Museum latest recipient of the gift of music

Laurie Mustard / Winnipeg Free Press

This beautiful old pump organ has been spared from the dump, and re-homed to the St. Vital Museum.

G’day. We begin with some great news!

I’ve rehomed another gorgeous pump organ, this one a true beauty that the dump will never get its evil clutches on.

It was donated to me by a lovely lady who wanted to see it go to a good home and it certainly has, one where all of you can see and hear it as well, the fabulous St. Vital Museum.

Museum curator Jared Warkentin is pleased as punch to have it:

“This beautiful pump organ is a perfect addition to the museum’s collection and exhibits. Visitors will be able to see this star on display alongside our Mager Family Exhibit which includes furniture, clothing, and other household items used at the turn of the 20th century,”

Sounds like my house now Jared.

“Beautifully carved and decorated, visitors will be able to admire our new addition for years to come.”

Fabulous Jared. Want another one? Or a player piano maybe? Just askin’ ….

Not that this departure from my humble abode opens up any space.

Y’see just prior to this ‘heart event” of mine at the end of August, I was helping a hoarder friend of mine clear out another hoarder’s home so it could be sold.

I was hauling tubs of stuff here to rehome for my friend, but then zap, the ol’ heart says, “Hey, it’s me time.” So the stuff I brought home to do a temporary shuffle with is still all here. I guess I’ll get to it sometime.

Then, on the upside of the permanent tsunami of stuff constantly flowing through this city and province, every city and province actually, world wide, my friend, who we’ll call Pat, because that’s her name, sold her home with very short notice to empty her house and move out, generoulsy decided to give everything that wasn’t going to her newer small place to her friends!

Guess where a bunch of it went?

Of course a goodly share came here. And I love it. She has gorgeous furniture and exquisite taste. Her ex’ furn’, indoors and out, looks great in my happy home. But I now have one of the largest coffee tables I’ve ever seen. If needed, I may be able to convert it to a tiny house some day and live in it.

The furmily loves it. It’s their fort. So much great stuff. Also included is a 40 year old custom made golden oak entertainment unit, a really nice tv stand, vases, paintings, a bistro set and so much more. Gorgeous stuff, the most important thing here being it’s all immediately needed and being put to use, so nice to use and look at, I feel like I’ve moved to a fancier home. Her taste is way better than mine.

Nothing beats good stuff.

On the other hand, I’m still left with my Happy Hoarder’s-hoarder friend’s tubs of basically NOS (new old stock) magazines that I’m sure someone wants but they’re probably in Brazil and not presently in the market, as in not looking.

“Hello! Juan! Brazil! I’ve got your magazines!” Yeah. Never mind.

I mean, doesn’t anyone collect those amazing Sunset home building ideas magazines, or a huge tub of ham radio magazines? Why not? There’s tons of great info in them! A shame to send them off for recycling. Almost a crime I’m sure. As you may have noticed, I can get a little dramatic.

And a lovely lady just offered me a stereo because even though it has value to someone, after months of advertising it, she can’t find that person, he too is probably in Brazil, or Costa Rica maybe, totally unaware of what he’s missing.

So I’ll get it, give it to a stereo loving friend, who’ll give his to another stereo freak friend, and all will be well.

Personally, I’ve decided that playing the endless Tsunami of stuff game is just alright with me, so my motto from here on out is “STUFF IT”! T-shirts available shortly. Happy weekend.

Comments and column ideas welcome!


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