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Ozone machine will help eliminate powerful odours

Question: We have an older camper trailer in which the previous owners placed Downy Unstoppable beads throughout the unit. We have washed the interior, had the windows open all summer, had all cushions outside as well and stuffed the cupboards and closets with newspaper over the winter to try and get rid of the strong and annoying scent. None of this has seemed to work. Any recommendations? Debbie

Answer: For very overpowering smells, you might want to consider renting an ozone machine because the smell will disappear quickly. This little machine is not recommended for regular use, but it is great for enclosed areas that have had smoke or flood damage, or other smells. The machine lets out a molecule called O3 (which of course is oxygen with an extra atom attached). The third atom escapes into the air and absorbs all odours. These machines can be rented at tool-rental retailers, as well as some hardware stores. Read all manufacturer’s instructions before use.

Question: Can you give me a homemade recipe for shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair feeling frizzy? Ava

Answer: Into a spray bottle combine ten drops of lavender essential oil, ten drops tea tree oil, one can of coconut milk, one-quarter cup liquid castile soap, and two tablespoons apple cider vinegar. Spray your hair, scrub, and rinse.

Question: What is the easiest way to clean the floor of my bathroom; it hasn’t been cleaned in about six months and it smells bad?

Answer: Here is an easy trick that will leave your bathroom smelling great. Spray shaving cream onto the floor. Use an old rag to spread the cream all over. Wait 30 minutes. Clean with a mop and warm water. Dry and enjoy.

Question: I have an old stove with black, solid elements. They regularly get a brown stain around the edge of each element, from food splashing onto the surface. How can I clean around the oven top burners of my stove? Linda

Answer: Wait until the oven is off and cool enough to the touch so that you don’t burn your self. Pour a little water around the elements, use a sugar cube to scrub around the outside of each element. Rinse with water and wipe to dry.

Shell game

Re: Trick for Peeling an Egg

Gently crack one end of an egg. Submerse it in water, and boil. Fill a sealable container with cold water. Add the egg and cover with a lid. Shake the container, until the shell falls off. Oliver

Terrific tips

Store cheese by making a removable cover. While still in the plastic wrap, use a sharp knife to cut off a two-inch piece of cheese from the end of the block. Slide the plastic off the cheese and eat the little piece of cheese. Cover the bare end; this creates a cover and prevents the edge from getting hard. — Tyrone

The best way to properly fit your garbage bag. When I put a kitchen garbage bag into a trash can, unfold the bag and wrap the opening of the bag around the lip of the can. Push the middle of the bag downward. The garbage bag will stay in place better than if you first put the bag into the can and then wrap it around the lip. — Varina

Never throw out broccoli stalks. Cut off the outside edges, cut them into strips. Fry them in a pan with a little soya sauce and oil. A healthy snack, packed with flavour. — Garmin

Note: Every user assumes all risks of injury or damage resulting from the implementation of any suggestions in this column. Test all products on an inconspicuous area first.

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