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Sunny yellow spaghetti squash is good to GO

Question: How do you know when spaghetti squash is ready to pick? Also, please share good recipes for it? Sera-Lynn

Answer: There are a few cues to look for when it comes to spaghetti squash readiness. First, observe the colour. When the fruit has turned a sunny yellow, it’s ready for picking. If you can’t easily poke the skin with your fingernail, it is not ready.

Spaghetti squash takes a while to bake, so plan your time. Cut the fruit in half, lengthwise and season with oil, salt and pepper. Place on a baking sheet and bake for about 40 minutes at 400 degrees. Add margarine or butter, as desired. Scrape out the squash using a fork. Eat as is, or combine with ingredients such as kale, spinach, or chickpeas. Another option is to top with warm tomato or marinara sauce and add cheese.

Question: My tub has glass doors with a metal base. The caulking has failed, and I have a crusty, brown deposit on the tub. Any suggestions to remove it? Rose

Answer: Fill the bathtub with hot water and Iron Out. After the water cools, wear gloves and scrub with a green scrubby pad. Other options are to clean with vinegar and baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide. The key is to allow the product to work for at least 30 minutes and then scrub, with a pad, not a washcloth.

Question: How do I make my diamonds sparkle? I recently moved outside of Winnipeg, and we do not have a jewelry store nearby. Xiaosu

Answer: Soak the diamonds in dish soap and water. This is effective because dish soap is formulated as a degreaser. Another option is to clean with window glass cleaner (which is ammonia). Rinse with water.

Question: We have a brand-new upholstered fabric headboard that smells musty. How can we get rid of the odour? Grant

Answer: Assuming the headboard fabric is washable, clean it with one of the following solutions. Into a clean container pour ten drops of tea tree oil and one tsp dish soap. Fill the bucket with warm water. Wipe well and rinse with clean water. Or spray the headboard with shaving cream, scrub with a cloth and rinse with water. Dry with a warm hair dryer. The smell may be coming from the chemicals used in manufacturing the headboard and should disappear over time.

Feedback from clever contributor

Re: Keurig Not Working Properly

‘Burping’ a Keurig is often a fix for a maker that makes noise, but not coffee. Empty the reservoir, blow with a straw through the water intake and then turn it over (over a sink, of course) and ‘burp’ it (bang it on the bottom). Works liked a charm on ours. Kelly

Tips of the Week

• When I’m in a hurry, I make individual meatloaf servings. Use a retractable scoop to fill a muffin tin with the ground-meat mixture. Press each portion with a spoon. Bake the little meatloaf’s for about 20 minutes. Freeze the leftovers. Irene

• Here is an easy and impressive dessert. Melt chocolate in a bowl. Pour into silicone muffin cups, so that the entire muffin cup interior has chocolate in it. Turn the muffin tray upside down over the bowl to pour out excess chocolate. Place the muffin tray in the fridge. After 10 minutes remove from the fridge and pop out the chocolate muffin cups. Fill with whip cream and strawberries, top with shaved chocolate. Reena

• Clean hairspray off bathroom walls by cleaning with hairspray. Alex

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