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Locals getting an early start on Christmas this season


Brenda Beck is already in the full Christmas spirit. This year many locals have reported getting an early start on the Christmas season.

So, I got to wondering. Because of COVID-19 are folks getting into the Christmas spirit earlier this year? Do people have their tree up already? I tossed the question out into the socially distanced world and received a fascinating flurry of responses.

It definitely seems to have spurred Kathy Johnson Coyne into action. "I have always been a late starter. Sometimes not even finishing the tree ‘til Christmas Eve. However, this year, I have at least brought the box up from the basement already."

I can relate to that. Sometimes I don’t even start.

Sharon Cally Freeman is clearly an over achiever. "Yes, tree is up, and all the decorations are done. I will start wrapping gifts soon, we just could not wait for the happiness."

Some are simply locked in a schedule, including my buddy Rene Jamieson, AKA Mrs. Scrooge. "COVID or no COVID, Christmas doesn’t start for me until midnight on December 24. My tree goes up on December 24 and comes down on January 5."

Cindy Thorarinson is getting a jump on things too. "Decorated inside and outside yesterday (last Sunday), going to do a little bit each week for something to do. Might even celebrate American Thanksgiving this year too!"

Whatever it takes to gobble up that goodness.

Dawn Nowlin Youngbird takes a popular and respectful approach. "We put the tree up the evening of Remembrance Day. Needed something to bring positive energy to the house."

Kim Kreitz-Raynaud was also looking to get her mind off the pandemic. Tree up as of Sunday — great distraction for the time being."

So yes, there’s definitely evidence out there that inviting the spirit of Christmas into our homes early this year is indeed helping some people cope. No question, but there is a lot to cope with.

Heather McKnight is doubling down on the decorations. "We actually have two trees up, reason being my son and his fiancé had to move in with us due to COVID and job loss etc. So they put theirs up in one corner, ours up in the other. Now the many cats have TWO giant cat toys!"

Well at least somebody’s winning. Go kitties!

And let’s not forget the folks who absolutely live for Christmas!

Colleen Okrainec got a jump on things again this year. "Decorations, trees, the whole nine yards have been up since November 8."

Gloria Turner wasn’t far behind her. "Mine was up November 12. Always put it up early. I love Christmas!"

And things were really singing already for Brenda Beck. "I put my tree up yesterday (last Sunday), I’m also listening to Christmas carols!"

Brenda, I love you (she’s family) but I think carol singing this early may actually be in the "seek professional help" category.

And of course, there was a healthy response from the alternate choice crowd.

According to Mary Hagman there is no need to hype the holidays. "Nope! Kids get too wild when Christmas goes up. AND, they’re wild enough thank-you!"

We hear you Mary, but barely with those kids screaming in the background.

My friend Sonja Kleiman is also celebrating. "We’re doing 24 days of Hanukkah!"

Sounds great! Be happy!

Jessica Angell received a nice pre-holiday treat. "I was lucky. My hubby kept saying ‘no no no’! And I got home from grocery shopping last Saturday and he surprised me with the tree up with lights, ready for me to decorate!"

Awe — he sounds like a keeper.

Twylla Verwymeren is in no rush. "Never liked Christmas after working 22 years in retail."

Gotcha. We all know some Christmas shoppers can be very un-Christmassy.

Wendy Erhardt Kroeker hasn’t been bitten by the Bah Humbug, but she’s not in a big hurry. "If I get really bored with nothing to do I will set up the tree early. I usually set it up the first day of Advent (November 29) or shortly thereafter."

As for Mark Chapman, he’s celebrating Seinfeld style. "Counting down the days to Festivus. Pole goes up December 20."

Excellent. Jovial. Lively.

Marilyn Lafantaise’s home is always in the Christmas spirit. "Got you all beat! My oldest son has a Christmas tree up 365 days of the year!"

One friend is actually cancelling Christmas. Beryl Livingstone Fehr said, "We are waiting until this COVID mess is over. If that’s July or next December so be it. Not doing Christmas until we can do it right."

July. Hmmm. That date doesn’t quite line up with someone’s birthday. But the masses understand.

OK, all together now, let’s wrap this with Ashley Newton’s new carol. "I really can’t stay, baby it’s COVID outside..."

Mask up, distance, and Merry Christmas!

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