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Turn your bed into a luxury hotel heaven

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Luxury hotels use oversized flat sheets to line their premium mattresses.

Brooklinen’s Starter Sheet Set in smoke.

THESE DAYS SELF-CARE is more important than ever. And one of the simplest ways you can keep yourself healthy is by getting a good night’s sleep. We can’t think of a better way to truly spoil yourself right now than by giving your bed the luxury hotel overhaul treatment.

If you’ve ever slipped into a bed at any of the world’s best hotels, you know that there’s something special about the smooth sheets, the tightly tucked duvet, and how cool and crisp it all feels against your skin.

What’s the key to recreating this at home? For starters, you’ll want to forego the fitted bottom sheet. You read that right. In order to get that perfectly smooth, wrinkle-free base, hotels use oversized flat sheets to line their premium mattress. But executing this isn’t as easy as it might seem, and you’ll need to learn a simple new skill: hospital corner.

This involves tucking a flat sheet under one side of the mattress — working from one corner to the next. Once you’ve reached the next corner, pull the excess fabric toward you and then up onto the mattress, creating a 45-degree angle relative to the side of the mattress you’ve just tucked in. Leave the fabric creating a 45-degree angle atop the mattress and tuck the leftover fabric neatly under the side of the mattress you’ll be working on next. Then, pull the fabric making the 45-degree angle back down the side of the mattress, flush with the corner.

With the hardest part of making your bed up like a luxury hotel over, the rest of the process is fairly self explanatory. The next step is the top sheet, which you’ll want to place upside down onto the bottom sheet. Take your time to smooth it out, tuck it underneath the foot of the mattress, and use hospital corners to tuck in the other sides and two bottom corners.

Once that’s done, opt for a proper lightweight down duvet — summer weight is ideal — and a simple white duvet cover. Tuck the duvet under the foot of the mattress as well, smooth it out, and fold the top of the duvet down from the top of the mattress. Once you’ve done that, use hospital corners to get that crisp, clean look for the corners and along the foot of the mattress. Some hotels tuck the duvet in along the sides as well, in which case you’ll want to fold down the top of the duvet and tuck it underneath afterward. Give it all one final smoothing out by tugging gently on the sides of the duvet along the longer edges of the mattress.

You’ll also need to invest in at least two pillows for each side of the bed. Many hotels mix synthetic and down pillows to help create varying density and firmness, but since this is your home, you might as well indulge in your preferred choice. Add a few throw pillows or shams for good measure as well — they’ll give you that sink-right-in feeling when you first lay down. And may we suggest a set of decorative throw pillows to tie the whole look together?

Now get some rest, you deserve it.



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