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Winter bedding roundup


Mixing in classic Christmas colours, pillows and accessories can create the seasonal bed of your dreams.

As cold weather approaches, it is really getting me excited about the upcoming season, and I don’t mean the holidays. Sure, this time of year, it is most common to be fantasizing of dancing gumdrops, snow-covered trees and the cheery old man in red coming to leave presents, but I’m dreaming of — you guessed it — plaid. Yes, it is finally what I like to refer to as plaid season.

While I tend to celebrate plaids and tartans at all available opportunities, fall and winter are when this terrific textile has its most noticeable moment in the spotlight. Plaid is such a versatile pattern that it can be mixed and matched with so many different textiles and delivers a big impact whether it is used sparingly or as a main focal point. The cosy warmth of plaid is the perfect addition to all areas of the home, but I especially enjoy it in a bedroom setting. In the spirit of the season, our bedding displays are popping with everything from tartan to tattersall. Nothing feels more comforting or more like home than a good dose of plaid in your room.

One of my favourite beds right now is this plaid duvet with its stunning red, green and yellow pattern. We’ve paired it with everything from dark and distressed leather headboards and camel plaid pillows to rich velvets, warm winter knits and a bright and elegant frame. Houndstooth, tartan and animal print is a lovely trio. Neutral plaids can bring just as much to a room as their colourful cousins. This particular plaid creates a masculine but soft bedding display that is warm and layered without being overwhelming. Despite its cosy winter nature, this is a plaid that can thrive year-round. Both elegant and approachable, this is a timeless look that can be taken from season to season with a quick switch of accent pillows. Bringing in warm luxurious velvets for colder months or using soft neutral florals for spring will change this look completely without losing the cosy feel that makes it so special.

What is black and white without red for pop? For my final featured bed, I couldn’t help but lean into the holidays. This is the perfect example of a little plaid going a long way. For those who like to keep their duvet consistent through the changing of the seasons, plaid accents are a great way to bring a touch of holiday to your space.



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